I use a range of tanning mists to ensure your perfect bronze bod.

every tan is tailored to your needs, from ultra dark to workout proof.

The brands includes

 Mine Tan   -   Pure Tan   

+ Packages

Half Body - $25

Full Body L/M/D (2/8Hr) - $35

Spray Packs

2 sprays $69

3 Sprays $109

5 sprays $170

+ Precare

24 hrs prior to your appointment ensure you exfoliate and wax/shave.

Do not exercise prior to your appointment as this will upset the pH of your skin and alter the result.

+ Aftercare

Rinse after the desired time with water until it runs clear.

Moisturize daily and top up with self tanner as needed.

Avoid exfoliating and exercising as this will fade the tan faster.